Career Counseling

Career Counseling is a consultation process aimed at enabling individuals to develop awareness of making decisions and plans about their own career development processes, to guide this process effectively in the direction of their interests, abilities and values ​​and to cope better with uncertainty, changes and transitions in this process.

It will help us to make a distinction between all graduates and to become “the right staff for the right job” by getting consultancy services to actively value our time in our university life based on the principle of "lifelong development" and to decide to choose on which profession and in which sector we want to work before we graduate.

• If you are indecisive about your occupational alternatives,

• If you want to work as an intern and do not know how to start,

• If you feel anxious about exams,

• If you have questions about academic career,

• If your job interviews are unsuccessful,

• If you go to interviews but you can not express yourself enough

• If you need help for CV preparation

You can request an appointment from Career Counselors of our Center.

Click the How Can I Benefit From Career Counseling? tab for detailed information.

Individuals who want to benefit from career counseling service can get an appointment for face-to-face interview by contacting with our career counselors. Each session lasts 45-50 minutes maximum. Number of sessions are decided depending on individual’s need.

This service is offered at Beyazıt campus.

Beyazıt Campus

Counseling services are available on IU Career Center building. Students who demands career counseling service should follow the steps below in order to make an appointment.

1.      Click on Get An Appointment For Career Counseling tab.

2.      Mark the items related to your demands as stated in the Career Counseling Request Form on the opening page. If you have any request apart from these items, write that on “Other” section in the form.

3.      Fill completely your contact details inside the form.

4.      To complete your appointment click on “Send” button. Wait for ‘Your Response Has Been Recorded’


 Career Counselors  E-mail  Extension
 Psychologist MA. Kadir ÖZDEN 0212 440 00 00 / 11673
 Lecturer Ayten KAYHAN 0212 440 00 00 / 11689

The Self Assessment Inventory was developed by Prof. Dr. Yıldız Kuzgun and its main goal is to evaluate the interests, values and abilities of individuals. Thus, the individuals can make a good career plan contributing to their career development. All students and employees of our university can have free access to this inventory.


To reach the Self Assessment Inventory;

If you are employee of IU;

Fill your workplace registration number for “User Name” and the last 6 numbers of your ID for “Password”.

If you are student/graduate of IU;

Fill your school number for “User Name” and the last 6 numbers of your ID for “Password”.

NOTE: In the case of not entering the system, write your school number without “0” at the beginning. If there is still an entrance problem, send your information below to As soon as possible it will be ensured to enter the system and you will be informed by an e-mail.

Required Information:


School Number

Last 6 numbers of the ID