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Dear Istanbul University Members,

Career Development Practice and Research Center (Istanbul KAGEM) has been established in 2010, in the direction of the purposes and the goals of our university, aim to contribute students’, graduates’ and employees’ career development, has been working continuously for the purpose of ranking foremost among career centers in Turkey both today and future.

Our Center that has been continuing its services with the aim of planning and developing your careers since the day it has been established in line with the mission and vision mentioned above. It is breaking one’s back with organizing the activities to be “The Compass of Your Future” as we mentioned in our slogan.

The main purpose of İSTANBUL KAGEM can be understood when we looked the activities and services to be done since its establishment which aims at supporting our students, graduates and employees about getting to know themselves, identifying their tendencies and job opportunities, planning and improving their career fittingly to their characteristic features and market conditions to become professionals with high competitive capacity.

If we talk about the services we provide within this scope, we can start with the Self Assessment Inventory (KDE). For KDE, we can briefly say that it is a personality inventory that helps our students discover their interests, values ​​and abilities and thus to guide their careers. We recommend our students, graduates and members to fill this inventory at regular intervals and to follow the development of themselves by reaching it free and online at http://kariyer.istanbul.edu.tr/KDE/

Another of our services is the Career Counseling which can be related with KDE. Our students, graduates and members can get career counseling service from experts of our Center about choosing a career goal and a profession by filling out the online appointment form on our website.

In addition to the good education which our students recieve from their departments for being successful in their career journey, we also support them with the trainings such as Stress Management, Teamwork, Colors of Emotions, Self-Confidence Development and Assertiveness Workshop, First Step to Academic Career, CV Preparation and Interview Techniques and we develop them each year in terms of quality and quantity.

Foreign Language Speaking Classes which we organize at different hours every weekday, we provide the opportunity to improve the foreign language speaking skills which has an important place in today’s world and we aim to contribute training of highly competitive individuals.

Apart from all our services, our Center also has activities realized with the business world.

Since the day it has been established until today, ISTANBUL KAGEM has had the mission of being a bridge between the University and business world, has also been supporting our students to find an internship within the bounds of possibility, since 2011. Along with the activity "Path to My Career: Internship” which we organized and continued since 2016 for providing internship opportunities as many students as we can, we also realized the organizations like "Career in Informatics", "High Technology", "Industry 4.0". We have been planning and carrying out new and modern activities with our team, considering the feedback we got from our students. Also we have been continuing to organize "Career Days" annually and having more networks with more corporations each year and so to be a bridge between the students and the business world. In addition, we are inviting people who are professional in their field to our University and get them together with our students for sharing their knowledge and experience.

I strongly recommend you to benefit from all services we provide before you graduate which are free and mentioned above. You will see great benefits of them when you start your business life.

Yours sincerely...

Assoc. Professor Aslı BEYHAN ACAR

The foundation story of İstanbul University Career Development Center (İSTANBUL KAGEM) begins with the request of İstanbul University Rectorship to establish the center by the Department of Health, Culture and Sports within the scope of this department.

It was attempted to create a project team by inviting academicians who are interested in career issues to meetings held on 11 and 15 August 2009 according to this request. Besides  thanks to an invitation letter dated 11 September 2009,  another meeting was made with 58 academicians from different academic departments of İstanbul University  who work on ‘career’ and who are able to contribute to İSTANBUL KAGEM. Participants were informed about İSTANBUL KAGEM and planned activities, guideline (instruction) of the center was discussed and new volunteers were included in present team.

The proposal of ‘Career Counselling Evening Education Non-Thesis Master’s Degree’ which was prepared by ISTANBUL KAGEM project group who had come together every week dating from 19th of 2009, was presented for the approval of Higher Education Council (YÖK) after being accepted on February 2010 by Istanbul University Institute of Social Sciences General Assembly and approved on June 2010. After the regulations of the center was accepted by İstanbul University senate on 1 April 2010, Istanbul University Career Center started to work officially by realizing necessary assignments by the rectorship.

It was decided to found Career Development, Practice and Research Center within the scope of İstanbul University Rectorship in the meeting of Higher Education Council dated 02.08.2012 and our center continues realizing its activities under the name of Career Development, Practice and Research Center with regulations published in Official journal numbered 28424 and dated 27.09.2012.


Directors of Career Development Practice and Research Center:

        1- Prof. Dr. Ayşe AYÇİÇEĞİ DİNN  

 19 April 2010 – 08 October 2012 (Director of Career Development Center)

 09 October 2012 – 26 January 2016 (Director of Career Development Practice and Research Center)

        2- Prof. Dr. Pınar ÜNSAL                     

27 January 2016- 12 October 2017  (Director of Career Development Practice and Research Center)

        3- Prof. Dr. Aslı BEYHAN ACAR

13 October 2017 –Current (Director of Career Development Practice and Research Center)

Istanbul University  Career Development Practice and Research Center (ISTANBUL KAGEM) aims at supporting our students, graduates  and employees about getting to know themselves, identifying their tendencies and job opportunities, planning and improving their career fittingly to their characteristic features and market conditions to become professionals with high competitive capacity.

According to this purpose our center is planning to provide service by varies activities such as career consulting, career guiding, education-publication, internship opportunities and career days.

İSTANBUL KAGEM provides these services in accordance with our university’s mission, vision and core principles; taking care of legal rights of students, graduates and employees, executing these services within privacy policy and ethic rules around understanding of love and respect.


In accordance with our university’s purpose and aims, we want to support our students, graduates and employees by getting to know themselves and identifying job opportunities, planning and improving their career towards their talent, knowledge, skill,  interest and referring to their personal needs and country conditions.


According to our university’s mission and vision; to become the preferred leading career center today and in the future that continuously developing, creating the difference and aiming to contribute our students', graduates' and employees’ career development.


Enviromental and Social Sensitivity




Love ve Respect


Professor Pınar ÜNSAL

Professor Vala Lale TÜZÜNER

Professor İbrahim BALCIOĞLU

Assoc. Professor Aslı BEYHAN ACAR

Assoc. Professor Nihat TAŞ







Dr. Gürol EPİK




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