Centrum Consulting - Consultant

İlan Tipi ( Burs/Staj/İş )       :  İş

Şehir                                      : İstanbul

Şirket                                     : Centrum Consulting

Pozisyon                                : Consultant

Tanım/İlan Detayları           :

We are looking for a consultant to join in Centrum's International Consulting Team.


Centrum Consulting is the first boutique company of Turkey specialised in international consulting and transfer pricing. Centrum Consulting offers services as an independent consulting company in the field of international consulting and transfer pricing for both Turkish and foreign enterprises.

Our company pays attention to specializing as the most innovative consulting company in Turkey and our main distinctive aspect is that we only focus on the areas in which we are the most specialized:

international consulting and transfer pricing.

Centrum Consulting maintains its operations within its strong international network and serves as a reliable business partner to reach experienced professionals all around the world.

Aranan Nitelikler                 :


Centrum Consulting is looking for a candidate who is;

  • a new graduated student or maximum 1 year experience,
  • having a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Political Sciences, and the like,
  • interested in international tax and ambitious to make a career in this field,
  • advanced in English proficiency (An English interview will be held with the candidates.),
  • hard working and team-oriented,
  • specialised in MS Office programs

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İletişime geçilecek kişinin;

e-mail                                       : kariyer@centrumdanismanlik.com.tr

Telefon                                    : 0212 267 10 67

Firma Sektörü                        : Danışmanlık

Çalışma Şekli                          : Tam Zamanlı

Talep Edilen Personel Sayısı : 1

İlan geçerliliği                          : 28.02.2019-28.04.2019

(Başlangıç-Bitiş Tarihi)